The UNICADOSE® is the perfect unit dose system for the pharmaceutical industry.  Because it will not break or shatter, it is much more versatile than glass.

Made with prime and virgin polypropylene, it can be sterilized by Ethylene Oxyde (EtO), Gamma, autoclave, steam and hot stream.  Made in cleanroom environment, it can be used in replacement of injection vials or with other sterile products.

Because it already contains the right amount of product, the UNICADOSE® eliminates the risk of wrongful dosing.  The patient’s security and dosing protocol are therefore optimized.

Also, color coding and personalized printing identifying the content will avoid using or administering the wrong product.

As for filling, the UNICADOSE® is delivered with the caps already mounted (but not closed) onto the ampoules ensuring cleanliness and avoiding any contamination until it is filled.

Last, as an ultimate proof of tampering, the UNICADOSE® cannot be re-sealed, guaranteeing a single use by the consumer or patient.