The use of the UNICADOSE® for cosmetics and personal care products is a PERFECT FIT !

Offered in any of the Pantone colors, our ampoule allows for the fanciest options:  one or more color decorating, hot stamping, different cap and ampoule colors or ultimately a shrink sleeve will give you all you need to make your product unique.

Perfect for sampling programs, unit sales, hair treatments, lotions, shampoos, soaps and much more.

Your customers will easily slide a UNICADOSE® in their bags without being concerned the ampoule breaking and its content leaking as it is often the case with other products.

The UNICADOSE® also provides easy travel with your personal care products.  The shape and size of the ampoule makes it easy to slide in a suitcase, travelling case or bag, avoiding being overcharged with large containers.

The UNICADOSE® can be used everywhere, any time!