The UNICADOSE® is made with polypropylene. This material, in addition of being unbreakable, can be sterilized and made using any color imaginable. The ampoule is opened quite easily, by a light pressure of your thumb, therefore eliminating risks of cuts. A superior quality ampoule perfectly suitable for industries that require the highest quality standards.


The UNICADOSE® is currently offered in sizes of 10ml and 15ml (0.3oz and 0.5oz). We are currently working on a 5ml format (0.17oz) and others will be studied on request. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for your custom requirements.


A world of possibilities is offered to you for decorating the UNICADOSE® for your product. The ampoules are offered colored with any of the Pantone colors. We even offer them printed with 1 color print. You may then not only personalize the ampoules to your image but also add your brand, product name, dosage, instructions, etc. without having to label them.



  • Extremely rigid, opposed to glass, aluminum pouches or other thermoformed packaging.  Unlike glass ampoules, the UNICADOSE® cannot break.  Also, it is impossible to re-seal the ampoule:  this clear tamper indicating feature makes it impossible for anyone to alter the original content of the ampoule.

  • The UNICADOSE® may be sterilized by Ethylene Oxyde (EtO), Gamma, autoclave, steam or by stream.  It is also possible to fill the ampoule with solutions reaching 90 °C (194°F).

  • Both, ampoule and snap-off cap, are made with 100% recyclable polypropylene.

  • The UNICADOSE® is easy to use.  Consumers can drink directly out of the ampoule or simply pour its content in another liquid with a snap of a finger.  Thanks to its small dimensions, it can be brought anywhere without risking breakage and/or leakage.  Last, no more need for hard to use and confusing measuring devices because the ampoule already holds the prescribed quantity.

  • Can be used for any sampling program, sold by the unit or multi-packs.  Decorated or not, it is available in any imaginable color, translucent or opaque.  It may be used for liquid products, granules and powders as well.

  • The UNICADOSE® is made following standards which exceed industry requirements Our entire team is devoted to delivering a perfect product, which does not leak and will protect your product until it is consumed.