At UNICADOSE® N.A., we believe that working with such an innovative system as ours  requires us to offer an optimal filling machine for our customers.  It is why we have designed a filling station specifically designed for our product and offering both, performance and affordability.

We can of course offer you customized options for your special requirements.

Our filling machine delivers a filling rate of 8,000 to 20,000 units per hour and more depending on product viscosity.  Our machine is also equipped with nitrogen flushing lines and can even vacuum the ampoules before closing them in order to help preserve the quality of your products.

With a footprint of 44” x 76” our filling station can easily be fit to any line.


Even if you do not have the business volume justifying the acquisition of your own filling station,   don’t worry;  we will be glad to help you find a contract filler equipped with one of our machines.